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[Motd] ANN closesLink
Posted on 28-Dec-2006 10:15 GMT by Christian Kemp (Edited on 16-Feb-2007 21:47 GMT by Christian Kemp)0 comments
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Ten years ago today, the first visitors arrived on what would later be known as "Amiga Network News", and then later still as "".

The first visitors came from a link on the Amiga Web Directory, run by Kevin Hisel and now long defunct, but as more and more people joined the internet with their Amigas word of mouth and prominent mentions on other websites brought in more and more people.

At its peak, several years ago, ANN welcomed over 3000 visitors a day, but this number gradually declined as more and more people left the Amiga scene, for reasons including but not limited to the lack of new hardware, software, the uncertainty associated with frequent ownership changes of the Amiga brand (Escom, Gateway, Amiga Inc, KMOS, etc.), and the lack of professionalism and integrity exhibited by several of the companies still in the market.

Since 1996, a lot of things have changed. Most importantly, my link to the Amiga market has changed - I completely switched over to the x86 platform six years ago already, and my interest in all things Amiga declined ever since. By 2006, that interest had vanished completely, and judging by the visitor figures on ANN I'm not the only one who feels that way. Furthermore, I'm no longer the student with copious free time that I was in 1996, and my free time has gone down to almost zero. As a consequence, I haven't been able to invest as much time into ANN as would have been required.

So I feel that it's been long enough - it's time to close ANN.

Many thanks to everyone who supported ANN and me in the past - there's too many people to mention, too many people that I met online and/or in real life and who helped in one way or another; and I'm grateful for all the good experiences with ANN, and the lessons I learned during the bad times.

In the future, I will concentrate even more on photography and less on computers. ANN won't go away completely though - I will try to keep it online as long as possible, except that it will serve as an archive only, and no new content will be added anymore. The ability to comment has been shut down already, and the old email address has been shut off too. Please use the contact information on my homepage instead.

[News] OS 4.0 Released!!Link
Posted on 26-Dec-2006 21:57 GMT by Robertcr5 (Edited on 27-Dec-2006 21:30 GMT by Christian Kemp)1 comments (1k)
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Slashdot has an article about the release of AmigaOS 4.0. An article at Hyperion confirms that the final update to OS 4.0 was released to all registered owners of Amiga Ones on 24 DEC.
[Files] OpenTTD 0.5.0-RC1 released (MorphOS)Link
Posted on 22-Dec-2006 22:34 GMT by Stevo0 comments
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As the title says.

For info about OpenTTD go here
For the binary go here
For the Release notes go here
Posted on 22-Dec-2006 22:04 GMT by Lizard3 comments (1k)
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LUND, Sweden, 22nd December 2006 - Stefan Burstrom and the IBrowse Team
are pleased to announce the immediate release of the much anticipated update to IBrowse 2.3.

IBrowse 2.4 brings web browsing on AmigaOS to a new level - below is a very brief summary of the changes since version 2.3:

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[News] Preview And Try-Out Amiga Future #64 OnlineLink
Posted on 22-Dec-2006 17:54 GMT by Andreas Magerl (Edited on 27-Dec-2006 21:35 GMT by Christian Kemp)0 comments
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Today the try-outs and the preview of the Amiga Future issue 64 (January/February 2007) have gone online.

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[News] PureBasic v4.00 opensourcedLink
Posted on 21-Dec-2006 22:08 GMT by tinman0 comments
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PureBasic v4.00 has been open sourced for Amiga OS by it's developers. PureBasic is a cross platform BASIC compiler for the Amiga (68k and PPC, but not OS4), Windows, Linux/x86 and Mac/PPC. PureBasic

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[Web] Christmas greetings from SwedenLink
Posted on 21-Dec-2006 11:10 GMT by tomazkid (Edited on 22-Dec-2006 11:37 GMT by Christophe Decanini)2 comments (2k)
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Sweden has a thriving Amiga community, with two Amiga portals, Amigarulez and Safir.

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[Events] Pics of our december 16th C= show onlineLink
Posted on 19-Dec-2006 15:33 GMT by Ron van Schaik (Edited on 22-Dec-2006 16:12 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš)1 comments (1k)
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The pictures of our last very well visited C= Show (with AmigaOne and OS4 demonstration) are online now: Link (click on the right side of the page at C= Show Reports).

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[News] The wait is over, Total Amiga 25 is on its wayLink
Posted on 19-Dec-2006 12:22 GMT by tomazkid0 comments
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Finally, just in time for Christmas, a new issue of Total Amiga is on its way to the subscribers.
It was a close run thing but the printing went as expected, and we made it in time :)
The issue has been sent by first class mail to the subscribers within the UK, so they should receive it before Christmas.

Total Amiga is happy to wish you all a Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year with a brand new issue, number 25.

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[Web] Aminet status update December 2006Link
Posted on 19-Dec-2006 03:03 GMT by Nicolas Mendoza0 comments
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It's that time of the year again, some celebrate Festivus or Kwanza, some get to build snowmen and others throw shrimps on the barbie and surf at the beach. The Aminet team however, spend the season working for you, always trying to improve Aminet. This is what has happened since last time:

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