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Posted on 18-Dec-2002 08:56 GMT by Piru55 comments (33k)
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Remember the days H&P was still alive and kicking? Remember the WarpUP vs. PowerUP wars? Remember the days of speculation about new hardware and OS?

Here is a massive but entertaining thread from the past. Several personalities from the "camps" of today posted in it. Funnily maybe the biggest player back then - H&P - is somewhat out of the game now, but some of the players remain.

If you read that thread now, remember these issues:

- StormC as a compiler is dead. StormC use GCC now.

- EHF (extended hunk format) is dead, ELF is the future (used in both OS4 and MOS).

- H&P 68k emulation never surfaced.

- WarpUP ramlib crashes were due to opening disk based libraries in LibInit of the library and thus causing recursive ramlib calls and stack overflow, not due to some "anti-warpup" code. [sidenote: Current Warp3D *still* crash due to these OpenLibrary calls when it open its' sub-lib in LibInit, unless you have ramlib stack patched. There is a easy way to fix these crashes, open the sublibs in LIB_OPEN...]

- There now is a system that run 68K, WOS & PUP apps on PPC only hardware.

I'm not saying that you should be able to predict the future, but some guys seem to have been right more than 50% of the time.

 blast from the past : Comment 19 of 55
Posted by Steffen Haeuser ( on 18-Dec-2002 19:31:43
In Reply to Comment 15 (Gregg):
What the Coward-whom-I'd-like-to-sue-if-I'd-know-who-he-is did ignore is the
fact that what I did not like about "ELF in AmigaOS" and why at that time I
was totally against it. At that time (yes, this was still before the
thread cited) you could not even directly start PowerUP-programs but had to
use something like "runelf"). Programs using PowerUP could not directly - at that time, later there was a LoadSeg-Patch - load AmigaOS Executables. Certain
people even wanted to get "rid of Shared Libraries in favour of ELF Objects,
as the Amiga Shared Library design is outdated". But well, all this stuff
does not really matter anymore now. That certain people always start this
discussion again shows how scared they are of OS 4 I guess... I mean
insulting people like that publicly... no people in their right senses
would do this :)

That's IMHO on the same level like the
guys who smear stuff to walls at public places... in Germany we have a proverb
"Nur Narrenhaende beschmieren Tisch und Waende" - I guess what our anonymous
posted there is a virtual version of that "beschmieren".

I also don't like it if people put me things into the mouth I never said, like
certain people always do. Certain people seem to like putting
people words in the mouth they didn't exactly say...

As to Piru (Assuming this is the same Piru...) who started this flamebait: I
am still waiting on an explanation why he stopped working on Alien Nations,
which he was supposed to do at that time, and did not react to either phone
nor Email nor SMS anymore. If I remember right he even got some hardware
for that purpose, but never produced a single line of code (asides from promises of course... but never actual code...). So if he wants to explain some things
in a post, this would be a more fitting issue I think :)

Steffen Haeuser

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